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15 websites that changed the world

8/15/2006 04:27:00 AM, posted by anand

Guardian Unlimited has an article that lists the top 15 websites that changed the world. Here is the list:

eBay.com (Auction and shopping site)
wikipedia.com (online encyclopedia)
napster.com* (file sharing)
youtube.com (video sharing)
blogger.com (blog publishing system)
friendsreunited.com (school reunion site)
drudgereport.com (breaking news site)
myspace.com (social networking site)
amazon.com (online retailer of books, dvds etc)
slashdot.org (tech news and forum)
salon.com (online media)
craigslist.org (no frills classifieds)
google.com (search engine)
yahoo.com (internet portal)
easyjet.com (low cost airline site)

* Other than napster (which was illegal), all other sites are still in business. Napster tried to launch in a legal avatar, but hasnt been as successful as earlier.
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