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Mobile growth coming from India and China

6/04/2006 07:34:00 AM, posted by anand

India and China are driving the mobile growth worldwide. This should come as no surprise, but here are the numbers to back it up.

  • China is adding about 5.4 million subscribers a month
  • India is adding about 5 million subscribers a month.
  • US is adding about 2 million a month.
That means that China and India together provide 5x times the growth as compared to the US.

  • China has added 67 million new subscribers in 2005 and is currently over the 400 million mark.
  • India has added 37 million new mobile subscribers in the last 12 months, nearing a total mobile subscriber base of 100 millions.
  • US has added 25.7 million subscribers in 2005 to reach a total subscriber base of 208 million
India has a mobile penetration of just over 1%. So there is a long way to go before the growth peaks. It would be interesting to find out whether India's population growth is at a faster rate than the mobile penetration or not :-)

Source: Metric 2
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