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Traveling to Gandhidham

5/21/2006 03:37:00 AM, posted by anand

I'm heading off to Gandhidham tonite to attend a social function. I've never been to the Kutch region of Gujarat. I do remember reading about it in geography books in school and wondered why we needed to study geography at all :-) Ofcourse, geography was never taught to us as a means to know and understand the various other regions of our state/country/world. We had to mug up the lessons just to score points in the tests.

So now that I have to travel to Gandhidham, I got curious about that place. I wanted to know a bit about Gandhidham, the Kutch region and the touristy spots around the city. So I went online and tried doing some Google queries and nothing came up. Wikipedia had a okayish blurb on Gandhidham, but other than that there was hardly any information on the net.

One thing that you have to get used to in India, is the lack of information online. India related sites have pages missing and someone's personal email id for a contact info. Thats nuts.

Okay enough ranting. So I am traveling tonite and would be out for 3 days. So no blogging. I'll try to ask the locals there for touristy spots and take plenty of pictures. Will post the pictures when I get back.
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