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Investing in India

5/16/2006 07:55:00 AM, posted by anand

Ran into a story on CBS Marketwatch on long term investing in India. Here are the key points:
  • A net $5 billion in overseas capital has entered the [Indian] market in 2006, on top of a 2005 inflow of $10.7 billion.
  • Gross domestic product grew 8.1% in 2005. For the current year, the Asian Development Bank predicts a 7.6% growth rate.
  • "The country is going to grow for the next 10 years or longer," said Devesh Kumar, head of equities at ICICI Securities in Mumbai. "Investors who come here for the long term will do fine. But in the midterm, there may be volatility in the market."
  • The Bombay Stock Exchange, founded in 1875, is Asia's oldest but also one of the world's most modern, with all trading carried out electronically. And India's roughly 2,500 actively traded companies offer a diversity of investment possibilities that's unusual in a developing economy.
  • Indian law doesn't allow foreigners to buy shares locally, so the only way to purchase specific stocks is to buy ADRs.
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