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Interesting concept

5/01/2006 03:52:00 AM, posted by anand

Check out this site: rustic holidays. These people take city children to spend a week in the village. As a kid who grew up in the city, I have no clue how life is like in the village. All my relatives including my grandparents live in a city. So there is no way I could've experienced the good-and-peaceful idyllic village life.

I bet that there are others like me, who spent their childhood in the city without being near a village ever. Wouldnt it be great for them and their childrn to go down and spend a few days living the village life. Bathe in the pond, pluck fruits from the trees, trek the hillocks, feed the cows and get some tan (ok, i made the last one up). Preferrably away from their laptops and cellphones. Although, ironically villages in India do have cellphone coverage now.

The Rustic Holiday guys are doing it only for Maharastra. But, I guess such a concept would work across India. I would love to spend a week of my time in a village in Rajasthan or Kerala.
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