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Indiatimes new travel portal

5/25/2006 04:17:00 AM, posted by anand

Times of India's IndiaTimes launched a new travel portal today, so I decided to take it for a spin. On their site they show logos of various Indian airlines like Go air, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air Deccan, Kingfisher airlines, Indian etc etc, so I am guessing that for the airfares they search across all the airlines. From the first impression it seems like an Expedia like travel portal, where you can make air and hotel reservations at the same time.

Lets see how it performs when it searches for flight availability and fares. For my hypothecial trip, I punched in the following details - traveling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai one-way on 5th June via the cheapest available option.

It gave me the following results:
The cheapest option available on the Indiatimes travel portal was Rs. 1874 for a one-way fare. Thats darn expensive. So the next thing I did was to try the same thing on GoAir's website. Here is what I got:
Their fare was Rs. 1950. Thats pretty darn expensive too. So lets try SpiceJet now:

SpiceJet's fare was unbelievably low. Just Rs. 898 (I guess thats pre-taxes) for a one way flight from Ahmedabd to Mumbai. Seems like a hell of a deal to me, given that the flight is on a decent time in the evening. Its not even a red-eye flight.

So I guess, the best option for travelers is to try their searches directly on various airline sites instead of relying on a travel portal like the one launched by Indiatimes. Unless a travel portal can search across the airlines and come up with the cheapest (or the most convenient) option for the traveler, they wont feel too motivated to use the portal.
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