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Indian PC market growth

5/25/2006 05:01:00 AM, posted by anand

The Indian PC market (both desktop and laptop) grew by 30%. There are now 4.6 million PCs out here in India.

HP had the highest share at 18%, HCL had 14% and Lenovo has a 9% share. That sums up to 41%, what about the remaining 59%? I guess that is the share of the assemblers - the neighborhood guy who assembles a PC for you from parts sourced locally. Wow, that means that the assemblers beat the combined Indian marketshare of the big daddy's of the worldwide PC market.

Notebooks have taken the big leap in India as well. The notebooks grew at a rate of 177% year over year. I know people who have bought laptops even if they will never carry it anywhere. Part of the reason seems that a laptop occupies much smaller space as compared to a desktop and you know how important free space is in the house. So you dont need to buy a special table for your notebook, dont need to block extra space and with all the dust in India, you can safely put your laptop in the bag once you are done with your work.

Numbers sourced from CIOL
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