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Bangalore - growing pains

5/07/2006 02:01:00 PM, posted by anand

With power outages, potholed roads, rising salaries, deteriorating quality of life plaguing Bangalore, can it keep up the pace at which is it growing? Can it truly transform itself into a world class city comparable to the world class companies having setup shop there.

Consider this statistic: Bangalore houses 1,700 software companies, employing about 310,000 people who last year earned more than $4 billion in salary. The city houses 7 million residents who ply 2.3 million vehicles.

Read this story in the SFGate, which highlights the issues Bangalore is facing today. How companies are reconsidering their plans to setup shop (or expand their current offices) in Bangalore. Maybe this is a golden chance for tier-II cities which can capitalize on Bangalore's problems.

Wake up Gujarat, smell the opportunity!
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