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Killing the competition

4/03/2006 01:46:00 AM, posted by anand

I've begun reading "The Art of the Start". Guy Kawasaki makes some excellent points in the book, one of them being - the purpose of your organization or product should not to destroy the competition, the purpose should to make something meaningful that provides value to the customer. It should get the people to buy the product or use the service. No company ever destroyed competition without having a loyal customer base of its own.

This makes perfect sense. Do people buy Toyotas because they want to drive GM out of business. Hell, no. They buy Toyotas because they find a good car that fits their needs, within their requirements.

So this makes me wonder about all those companies that want to kill the iPod. They have announced iPod killers many times, but havent succeeded so far. Guess why? They make products to to kill iPod. They dont aim to make products that provide value to the customer. The Apple folks got it right. They made something so much easy to use that people voted with their money. That is the reason that iPod still rules and the competiting products are lost in oblivion.

At Burrp! we are focused on making something that people really want to use. We dont want to kill the competition. The competition gets killed as a by product of a loyal customer/user base.
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