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Buy and download an antivirus

4/11/2006 04:48:00 AM, posted by anand

I recently purchased a new laptop in China and now needed to load it up with a good antivirus. I strongly believe in purchasing a licensed version of a good antivirus. Its not worth the headache to get a pirated copy for something as critical as this.

Being in India, its virtually impossible to goto a store and just purchase a copy of an antivirus (Honestly, I didnt even try. Maybe they sell Antiviruses... but a download is just a click away!). So what better medium to download an antivirus than the internet itself.

As a satisfied McAfee user for about 4+ years, I set forth to their site to purchase an antivirus and download it. The McAfee antivirus was priced at $29.99 after a mail-in-rebate. So they'll charge you around $50 and then send back a check thru the mail-in-rebate. Now that doesnt work out well someone who is going to download stuff in India. Even then I proceeded merrily, only to realize that McAfee wont sell you the s/w, unless you use Internet Explorer for the purchase transaction. WTF? You want me to specifically use MS Internet Explorer for this. Hell no. What has a browser got to do with this anyway? I gave up on McAfee.

Next stop, the Norton antivirus from Symantec. My work laptop always had a Norton A/V and I was comfortable using it as well. Purchasing the Norton A/V was pretty straight forward. Select the product, punch in your credit card details and voila, you can start downloading the software. The Norton A/V cost me $39.99, but it didnt have any of the mail-in-rebate nonsense. It took about 10 minutes to download the A/V and install it.
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4/11/2006 11:45 AM, comment by Blogger NTT

Blog Hopping!!

You should try AVG . Its free.. and works well. Backups are of course indespensible..    

4/11/2006 9:08 PM, comment by Blogger Anand

If free was the criteria, then I'd rather prefer going with Clamav. Its free and its open source. I used to run it on my linux server. But the most important thing for an antivirus is their response time to a new virus threat. With a huge corporate base, I guess, Norton A/V stands there right at the top in response time.    

4/14/2006 8:22 AM, comment by Blogger Antivirus-Club

TrendMicro OfficeScan is may be the best solution for you. It work perfectly on a windows workstation or a server. You can try for 30 days... It's like an antivirus-club, protected by security experts! Try and become a member now! I recommend this service for all...    

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