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$550 billion required to make India a powerhouse

4/14/2006 02:55:00 AM, posted by anand

The Investment Commission, headed by Ratan Tata, has submitted a report to the Indian government, which states that India needs an investment of $550 billion in the next 5 years to make it an economic powerhouse. The other members of the Investment Commission are HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh and HLL ex-chairman Ashok Ganguly.

The commission has identified 9 high priority sectors for growth. These are roads and highways, energy, civil aviation, textiles and garments, automobile components, real estate, construction, tourism and food processing.

Some notable numbers from the report:
  • Power sector needs investment of $140 billion in the next 5 years
  • Coal sector needs investment of $30-40 billion double its capacity
  • Telecom needs investment of $22 billion in the next 5 years
  • Road sector needs investment of $30 billion in the next 5 years
Source: Business Standard
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