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Virus transmittal

2/21/2006 07:37:00 PM, posted by anand

No, I am not talking about the detection of Avian virus in India. I am talking about viruses that spread via bluetooth.

I was sitting in waiting area of the airport writing some code on my laptop, when suddenly a dialog box popped up and said "Would you like to receive file "xxx.xxx" from "xx:xx:xx:xx"?" I had no clue what was in store and so I clicked yes. I naively thought that maybe the airport guys have sent me some sort of an announcement via bluetooth. Thank goodness for my realtime Norton Antivirus, the file sent via bluetooth was a virus and it got detected and exterminated immediately.

This was my first experience with a bluetooth transmitted virus and now I realize how serious of a problem it is. I wasnt surfing the net or doing anything with the bluetooth on my laptop. The virus just got transmitted to me automatically.

To the folks who are reading this blog, spend the 30-40 bucks it takes to get a good antivirus. It is worth every penny you spend and will save your heartaches later on.
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