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Uninstalled IE7 Beta II

2/27/2006 10:25:00 AM, posted by anand

After about 2 days of installing and using IE7 a few times, I have uninstalled it completely.

Firstly, I have some usability complaints. Where is my menu, dude? They had replaced the file menu with some funny icons. I had to dig around a bit to find my File menu. I have to setup my connection to point to my coporate proxy and so need the Tools-Internet Options menu. Even the much talked about tabbed browsing is okayish in experience. The only thing I liked was the view, where they show a live preview of all the pages in various tabs.

Secondly, why does the IE install slow down Firefox. Old tricks, eh? My whole system would go in a wobbly state and the CPU usage would shoot up to 100% and that when I was not even using IE7. After the uninstall, the system is back to its glorious state.

Thirdy, why do I need to restart my computer after the install? Hey, if Firefox can do without the system restart, then why does IE require it? Huh? After all, you wrote the OS as well. You should know workarounds to the system restart requirements.

Fourthly, caveat emptor. Its a beta. Give them a break. Take my comments with a grain of salt as well. I am a long time Firefox user. Not that I hate IE. I use it to access my corporate sites, which still live in circa 1995 and have IE only, Java applet containing sites. (Yes that was the 3-4 times that I used IE7).

To its credit the uninstall was smooth, except for the mandatory system restart :-)
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