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1/05/2006 06:50:00 PM, posted by anand

I had the opportunity to fly SpiceJet airlines on my last Mumbai trip. I had purchased my tickets online and had taken a printout of the confirmation. The confirmation printout and a photo ID is all that is needed to board the flight, according to the their website.

On my way out to Mumbai the flight was delayed several times and each time they sent me an SMS on the phone. I called up their toll-free number to confirm the final timings for the flight. The customer rep was courteous and responsive.

As I have mentioned earlier, people here treat airports as a railway station. People dont form a queue at the check-in counter. Everyone just stands around the check-in counter and shoves their respective tickets at the person manning the counter. I think that the SpiceJet reps at the counter should've asked their passengers to form a queue and should've processed the check-in's one at a time. Instead they were accepting the tickets from the passengers pretty randomly and going about doing their work. They didnt ask me or any other passenger for the photo ID. Only the printout was needed. Strange and a bit scary.

It took about 45 minutes for all the passengers to board the plane, find their seats, put their luggage in the overhead compartments and finally get seated. The plane ride was smooth for the most part. SpiceJet only serves a bottle of water and a small bag of salty peanuts.

The air-stewards in the plane seemed like a bunch of kids right out of college. Having traveled in various airlines for a while now, I sensed some amateurish behavior. They were giggling amongst themselves and laughing all the while. Even the demeanor was not quite upto the mark. The stewards in Jet Airways carry themselves with much more elegance.

I had booked my Ahmedabad - Mumbai tickets for about Rs. 1459 one way. The same route on Jet Airways would have cost me about Rs. 4000+. SpiceJet lowered the barrier of entry for a lot of people, as it enables people to fly at just 1/3 of the cost of a standard full service airline.

I have one question for the airline though. Why do you have flights for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai or the Ahmedabad-Delhi sector going out at 4.52 in the morning? For someone to catch the 4.52 am flight, they have get up at about 2.30 in the morning. Whats the demographic that you are targetting?
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