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My device list

1/21/2006 08:47:00 PM, posted by anand

Over the years, I have accumulated many electronic devices. So just as an experiment, I am publishing all the electronic devices that I own right now and then at the end of six months I'll publish an update to see which ones I still own and if any new ones got added to my list.

Things that I own:
  • Palm Treo 600. This might get the whack in another 6 months. I plan to move to a smaller device.
  • iPod nano.
  • Packet 8 VOIP router.
  • Two WiFi routers. The older one gives out 11 Mbps, the newer one gives out 54 Mbps. Got the newer one because it supports WPA-2 encryption.
  • Linksys NAS for my home network. I store all my movies and music on this NAS.
  • External HDD that connects to the NAS.
  • Linux server for personal needs. 1 GHz Dual proc, linux server.
  • Two laptops. Both Dell's.
  • 700+ GB of storage. 200 GB accessible on the Network.
  • HDD coolers. Bought this for the hot weather in India.
  • SCSI RAID controller. Ripped this off my old computer.
  • Desktop computer with 19" LCD, cordless keyboard and mouse goodness.
  • 3 digital cameras. A 5 MP Canon S2-IS, 3 MP Olympus C-720 and a 3 MP Fuji Finepix.
  • Canon Mini DV camcorder.
  • Yamaha YHT-150 (?) home theatre system
  • Sonicare electronic toothbrush ;-)

Things that I'd like to own:
  • Wifi enabled music player
  • XGA LCD Projector with a min resolution of 1024x768
  • SLVR L7 or a RAZR (I like the SLVR more than the RAZR)
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