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India rising

1/17/2006 07:50:00 PM, posted by anand

Rajesh Jain, of Emergic, is writing about India's rising, in a series of posts. Very much worth following:

India Rising: Malls everywhere
India Rising: Consumer power
India Rising: Finally

Its an great time to be in India now. The changes are happening all around and one gets so charged up seeing the progress being made on all fronts. There is just so much activity going on all over. Real estate frenzy, consumer choices, malls, easy access to loans and credit cards, better roads, western brands. It feels as if someone just hit the fast-forward button on India.

Ofcourse, you have seen me complain about so many things wrong in India. But that is just so that companies know that consumers can voice their opinion. It doesnt have to be a letter to the company (who has time for that anyways), it could just be a posting on one's blog. Blogs could be a great platform to stand up on and make yourself heard (though my visitor counter's opinion might differ). Technology is a great leveller.
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