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FDI in India and China

1/24/2006 07:53:00 AM, posted by anand

Here is a list of some high profile investments that have been recently announced in India:

Posco* - USD 12 billion
LN Mittal - USD 9 billion
AMD - USD 3 billion
Microsoft - USD 1.7 billion
Cisco - USD 1.1 billion
Nokia - USD 150 million
BMW - USD 23 million
Samsung - USD 15 million

(POSCO is the world's 5th largest steel maker. Its a Korean company)

Worldwide companies are working on their Asian strategy. On one hand they have the already proven market of China, on the other hand they dont want to miss out on the next big thing - India.

According to the newspaper China Daily -
Multinationals find India and China inextricably linked, leaving executives in a dilemna over how to allocate investment, resources and manufacturing activities between the two rising economic powers. FDI inflows to India exceeded USD 5 billion last year, but are only a fraction compared to the USD 60.33 billion that China pulled in.

Althought India lags behind China in the flow of FDI, the good news is that with the government opening up some the sectors for investments, the inflow is going to increase significantly in the coming years.
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