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BSNL DSL and customer support woes

1/09/2006 06:57:00 PM, posted by anand

For the past few days my DSL connection from BSNL has been behaving erratically. It keeps disconnecting every few minutes. I have to spend about 5-10 minutes, trying to reconnect the "always-on" broadband connection, by restarting the modem. It usually works, after a couple of restarts.

So yesterday, I decided to lodge a complaint with BSNL customer support. Here is how it went:

I dialed 1500, the customer support number for BSNL.

Customer support lady #1: What do you want?
Me: I want to register a complaint about my DSL connection. The modem keeps disconnecting.
Customer support lady #1: So ?
Me: So, I lose connection to my office VPN every few minutes. I want that fixed.
Customer support lady #1: But we dont take DSL complaints on this line. Please dial 1957.

I tried dialing 1957, but gave up after that number seemed to be busy forever. So, I tried calling up BSNL customer support number ~ 1500, again.

Customer support lady #2: Hello
Me: I want to register a complaint against my DSL connection. It keeps disconnecting.
Customer support lady #2: Ok.
Me: Ok. What? Did you register the complaint? Whats my reference number?
Customer support lady #2: Yes. You reference number is "89".

After 4 hours, someone from the BSNL calls me:

BSNL guy #1: Is your telephone working now?
Me: Yes the phone is working, but the problem was with my DSL connection. Its been intermittent since the past few days.
BSNL guy #1: Ok. Is it working now?
Me: No, I have the same problem.
BSNL guy #1: Ok, whats your name?
Me: Anand
BSNL guy #1: Ok (and hangs up)

After 1 hour, another guy from BSNL calls up:

BSNL guy #2: Is your telephone working now?
Me: The phone is working. But my DSL connection is not.
BSNL guy #2: Whats your name?
Me: Anand
BSNL guy #2: So is the DSL working now?
Me: No, I still have the same problem. Did you fix anything related to DSL on your end?
BSNL guy #2: No.

(Now at this point, I was thinking what in the name of the Almighty are these guys thinking. Do they expect the problem to just go away, without spending any time or effort to diagnose, trouble-shoot and fix it?)

BSNL guy #2: Can you check whether it is working now?
Me: The connectivity is intermittent. I keep getting disconnected every 5 minutes. So, give me a few minutes to check whether the connection is okay or not. So call me after 20 minutes.
BSNL guy #2: Ok.

Then after 30 minutes a lady from BSNL calls up.
BSNL lady: Is the telephone working now?
Me: You are the 3rd person from BSNL asking me the same question. The problem is not in my telephone. The problem is with my DSL connection.
BSNL lady: But is it working now?
Me: No. Have you guys fixed anything on your end?
BSNL lady: No. Hang on.
(I can hear her talking with someone about my DSL connection. I am glad, they are atleast "talking" about my DSL connection. After a couple of minutes...)

BSNL lady: Ok, call up this Officer called Mr. xxx on this number xxx-xxxx tomorrow and he will solve your problem.
Me: Can I try to reach him today.
BSNL lady: No, call him tomorrow.

I am so frustrated with BSNL that I dont feel like calling the customer support number anymore. While it worked, the BSNL connection simply rocked. For someone like me, who stays connected almost 18 out of 24 hours, I just cannot tolerate my DSL connectivity being intermittent.

I'll bid goodbye to BSNL pretty soon, as last week I had signed up for broadband from one of the private players ~ Tata Indicom. The installation is going to be done today.
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3/13/2006 2:23 AM, comment by Anonymous Anonymous

Ha Ha! I had the same experience with BSNL when it comes to customer support. I was lucky that a technician came to my house to attend the problem after one week!    

8/04/2008 2:48 AM, comment by Anonymous Anonymous

seems like this is a common problem , i am suffering from past 1 month ... Any complain u give , BSNL ppl call up n ask is ur phone working now ... i am getting really bugged .. but i heard tata indicom is all the more worst then bsnl ...    

12/14/2008 8:33 PM, comment by Anonymous Jeevan

you switched to tataindicom?


I m just going to search your blog for the 'I wish I had stayed with BSNL' post :D .    

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