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1000 Songs. Impossibly small.

1/21/2006 06:52:00 AM, posted by anand

Woohoo. iDunnit. Succumbed the temptation to buy an iPod nano black this morning. Wait, let me tell you the story. This morning I went to check out the Zhongguocun (Beijing) electronic market along with a couple of my office colleagues. Didnt plan the purchase, but the iPod looks such a compelling buy that its difficult to resist.

Even the iPod packaging looks and feels good. But before taking the plunge, as a cautious consumer ;), I went over to check out MP3 players from other manufacturers - Aigo, Creative, Sony, Samsung, NEC, Canon. Yeah, they all make MP3 players. The competition sucked. Almost after 4-5 years of the Apple juggernaut turning one iPod after the other, the other players in this segment dont get it. Its the iPod experience, you silly.

It starts from the packing. The box feels great. Hold it up in your hand and it feels something above, much above the ordinary. Once you open the box, the inside packaging is done superbly as well. The iPod nano is a delight to see and touch. It really is impossibly small. The nano feels solid in ones hands.

Instead of touting the storage, music or experience capabilities of these players, the competition was trying to sell me on the various ancillary features of their respective products. "This one can be used as a external storage", "This one doubles up as a watch", "You can transfer photographs from your camera to this one directly", "This can play FM radio and record audio". Guys, I am out there to buy an MP3 player. Period. I dont really care about the ancillary features as much as I care about whether the MP3 player does its primary function - to play music, optimally. The other players dont even give a warm fuzzy feeling when you hold one in your hand.

So giving all the other guys a toss, I finally settled for an iPod. When I returned to the hotel, I opened up the packaging, installed software, transferred some songs and am listening to my music thru the iPod, as I type this post. All in all, it took about 10 minutes for the whole process. Remarkably smooth. The navigation on the iPod is awesomely intuitive. It takes a lot of genius to get a product like this right.

A big thumbs up to Apple. I didnt realize the impact until I experienced it first hand. After all 14 million people who bought an iPod in the last 3 months cant be wrong.
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1/23/2006 1:58 PM, comment by Blogger Manish

Woooohooooooo! Congrats on your new iPod. Just so that you know, my birthday falls on August 6. But I am open to any pre-qualifications :p !    

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