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Walmart vs Indian retail cos

12/06/2005 09:05:00 PM, posted by anand

Walmart wants to come to India. Should the Indian retail cos get scared? Well, you decide:

Walmart revenue is about $285 billion. While, Pantaloon which is the largest retailer in India has revenue of about Rs. Rs 20 billion. Now, Pantaloon is spread across 23 Indian cites, while Walmart has around 3000 stores in countries like US, UK, China, Mexico and Japan.

Here is the list of India retail cos who will face the international 800 lb gorilla, sooner or later:
  • Piramyd (Ajay Piramal group)
  • Trent and Star Bazaar (Tata group)
  • Food World, Music World, Spencers, Health and Globe (RPG group)
  • Shoppers Shop (Raheja group)
  • and ofcourse Pantaloon
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