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Reached Mumbai

12/22/2005 11:45:00 PM, posted by anand

The inter-terminal coach that ferries passengers back and forth between the international and the domestic terminal took us through an interesting route. We passed almost two sites of airplane wreckages. Eeew. How unnerving can that be for the people who have to catch flights from the domestic terminal.

Cmon guys, is this the best image you can present to people who arrive in India from abroad? As if it is not bad enough that when you look down from the plane window, as it is about to land, you get to see miles of shanty town. The infamous shantytown called Dharavi. The biggest slum in Asia.

When the plane touchdowns in Singapore, you see the sand filled beaches and tall skyscrapers. In San Francisco, you get to see the Golden Gate Bridge. In Seattle, you get to see Mount Rainer. But in India you get the the biggest slum of Asia and then the bus takes you through two plane-wreckage sites. Welcome to India.
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12/30/2005 6:37 PM, comment by Anonymous KC, Redmond Times.

I can't stop laughing after reading this note. Your return to India certainly seems to have sharpened your sense of humor. Keep it up!

Redmond Times.    

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