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Singapore airport

11/29/2005 09:28:00 PM, posted by anand

What makes Singapore a great airport? Firstly, its sparkling clean. Secondly, even in the middle of the night there are manned booths (not all, but some) with attendants cheerful giving out information.

Right now, I am blogging from the Singapore Kris Silver lounge. There is dedicated guy who is incharge of the lounge restroom. I've been to the restroom 3-4 times and have seen him stationed there all the time, cleaning up something or the other. The wash basin area is super clean. Unlike his Indian counterparts, he is not smoking beedi during work hours or chatting away with co-workers.

Even in this lounge area there are 2-3 clean-up guys who walk past every 15 minutes ready to clean-up any dirty tables. I see a lady who constantly picks up and arranges newspapers, left scattered by other travelers, neatly on the newspaper stand. The pantry area is being stocked up with a freqency of 20 minutes or so. Just awesome!

There is free Wifi. There are well stocked and clean bathroom for taking showers. The food is good. There are around 20 different newspapers and 8-10 magazine (with multiple copies on multiple newspaper stands). All this might be only in the lounge area, but it does reflect the overall mentality of the airport staff.

India definitely needs to privatise her airports, to be even compared to the world class airports. We need to get serious about this whole thing. Right now when someone gets off an Indian airport they either see staff workers just roaming around aimlessly or a group of them engaged in worthless chatter.
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