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Queue kyoon?

11/24/2005 10:44:00 AM, posted by anand

Why is there a concept called queue? Well, so that a sequence of serving can be implemented. Simply put: So that someone who arrived at a place first, can be served first. A simple but powerful concept.

Why cant we people in India, understand or follow this concept? Why do people just think that they should be served first, no matter whatever sequence they arrive in? Huh?

I went to Planet Health, a Walgreens like drugstore, to get some medicines. There were two checkout counters and there were 5 customers, all standing as a crowd at the counter and shouting at the checkout guy to serve them first. The checkout guy too was serving people in a random order (no oxymoron intended). What would it take for people to just line up behind the customer who is already at the counter and wait patiently for their turn?
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