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The next day

11/30/2005 11:13:00 PM, posted by anand

Walked down to the office. Its about 3-4 blocks from the hotel. Got a nice corner office with a window from where I can see the roadside. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Didnt bring my camera to work today. Right now I can see the roads choc-a-block with slow moving traffic.

The road/traffic is pretty much like in India. You got to fend for yourself. Street hawkers selling newspapers and magazine by the roads. A gazillion people walking around. Beggars... err.. street artists playing music. Pedestrians crossing the street when the walk sign is red. As I said, pretty much like India.

Had Chinese food for lunch and then went to a Starbucks for coffee. Had a cafe mocha.The coffee shop and the mocha felt exactly the same as its US counterpart. I had read in the book - Fast Food Nation, that these chain stores/restaurants go to great lengths to recreate the same environment/ambience in all their stores around the world.
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