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Crazy construction going on

11/27/2005 12:23:00 AM, posted by anand

Everywhere I go, I see construction of malls, fly-overs, apartments, bungalows, high rise buildings and shops going on in the city. Its pretty much happening all over the city. Most of the construction seems to be for big spacious places that can be used for creation of super mega sized malls and the like.

Real estate market is so hot there.

People are buying tracts of land on/around the Ambli road in the hopes of making money when the construction boom starts in that area. Then there is Sabarmati Riverfront project that is scheduled for completion sometime in 2007, which might lead to some more construction activity around the Ashram Road area. I read in the Times of India that talks are underway to create a Manhattan like skyline along the river. Oolala.

People here are also talking about a proposal for a metro style train for Ahmedabad.
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