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Almost missed my flight

11/29/2005 04:58:00 PM, posted by anand

So we leave home for the airport around 3 hours before flight departure and reach the airport in 45 minutes. Just then, I realize that I've left my laptop bag at home. That bag contains my laptop (obviously), passport, tickets etc. So we do a mad dash to get the bag from home. Paresh drove like crazy with speeds of around 120 km/hour in the city (a rarity in India, even on the freeways/highways).

Meanwhile the airport guys announced the "last the final call for check-in" and we were still on our way back to the airport. Somehow, I finally made it to the flight with just a few minutes left for departure. The silver lining of this dark cloud being the VIP treatment given to me at the airport. The airport guys and the flight crew were just waiting for me :). They somehow rushed me through the security, hurriedly gave me the boarding pass, got the immigration clearance done. All within 10 minutes. A true miracle.

Now the travel agent didnt convey my vegetarian meal request to the airline. But this was not a big deal, as I already had my dinner at home. The in-flight meal menu was both in English and in Gujarati.

btw, I am blogging this from the Singapore Air lounge, where they have free WiFi access.
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