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Writely gets it right

9/05/2005 09:31:00 PM, posted by anand

I just reached the top of the beta signup list for Writely and got invited to try it out. I tried it out and the first impression I got is that it ROCKS! Writely lets you create documents through your browser interface and save them online. You can then share these documents with anyone you like. Pretty much like a web version of MS-Word.

Its so easy to create documents. Just click on "New", type in the name of that document and well, you are on your way. It pretty much supports all the stuff that 90% of the people end up using in MS-Word.

  • It has all the usual text formatting features like bold, italics, underline. Paragraph alignment features that let you justify your documents to the left, right or center.
  • Indenting and color highlight
  • It lets you also insert tables or images in your documents
  • It even has undo/redo buttons, which works amazingly well for an online application
  • The history feature also lets you see the various version of the document as it evolved through time. This is a great wiki-like feature.
  • Also, it lets you share your documents for viewing and authoring with other people.
  • You can upload your existing MS-Word documents, as well as save your online document as an MS-Word doc. This is just too good and might turn out to be the winning edge for Writely.
The application interface is clean and highly responsive. (I tried this application in my firefox browser, YMMV).

Is this just the beginning ofmoving of the desktop applications on to the server? Although its too early at this point, but maybe once applications like these go mainstream, they might see a better adoption than OpenOffice et al and might prove to be the real MS-Office killers.
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