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Web based IM client - Meebo

9/14/2005 10:38:00 PM, posted by anand

Via Gigaom

So your company wont let you install an IM client like Yahoo or MSN, because of security reasons? Well, screw them. Use this web based AJAX flavored IM service called Meebo which works for all the big 4 IM providers - Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL.

I've used it and was impressed. Its pretty slick and quick. Goto their homepage, enter the username/password for any or all of the IM services you use and voila you are signed in. Instantly. It opens up a new window for every conversation you are having. I presume, it might not be too difficult for them to let you open each conversation in a browser tab window. Thats exactly, what I had been asking about a few months ago - a tabbed IM client.

Its kinda trillian married to an AJAX application. Although, it doesnt let you do the fancy stuff thats built into many of the IM clients, it lets you do the basic chat and that should be more than enough.

Suppose you are on a vacation and want to quickly chat with you buddies from one of the cybercafes. This service lets you do that without the need for installing anything.

More and more services are moving to the network. WHats next Photoshop on the network?
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