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Worldwide mobile handset marketshare

8/25/2005 09:03:00 AM, posted by anand

Worldwide mobile handset market share:

#1 worldwide with a 31.9% share.
#1 in Latin America
#3 in North America (surprise, surprise!)

#2 worldwide with a 17.9% share.
#2 in Latin America with a 33.5% share
#2 in Europe, thanks to RAZR sales
#1 in North America with a 33.5% share

I wonder who the number #2 company is in North America?

Both of these giants gained share in the handset market worldwide at the expense of Sony Ericsson and Seimens.

Handset sales increased in
North America (22%)
Western Europe (9.9%)
Latin America (50%) due to Brazil and Mexico
Asia Pacific region (27.5%) (excluding Japan) due to China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam

Source: Marketwatch
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