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List of mobile blog readers

7/31/2005 08:35:00 AM, posted by anand

Engadget asked its readers for the best mobile RSS readers. Here is what they said:

The popular ones are Bloglines Mobile, FreeNews, Litefeeds.
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8/01/2005 6:04 AM, comment by Anonymous Greg Smith

FeederReader is relatively new and is not yet on the radar screens of most people yet.

The one thing about this list is that it mixes Windows Mobile vs. Palm and online vs. offline and it doesn't address enclosures/podcasts. When picking, it seems that those are the most important qualities.

And if you need to pick a Windows Mobile offline reader, you'll do very well to choose FeederReader. It downloads any type of enclosure that you can view, listen, or read on your Pocket PC.

Greg Smith
Author, FeederReader - Pocket PC *direct* RSS text, audio, video, podcasts
www.FeederReader.com - Download on the Road    

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