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Learn to keep learning

7/09/2005 09:58:00 AM, posted by anand

Rajesh Jain recently wrote in his "Letter to a 2005 baby" series about "Learn to learn". I myself truly believe that learning is a lifelong process and it should never stop. Here are some snippets from his article that echo my own beliefs as well:

We are learning a lot when we are growing, and in school and college. But sometime later, as we start our work life, for many, this learning stops. Time freezes around us. Today becomes like yesterday, and yesterday was just like the day before. We lose the will, yearning and capability to learn. We become content to go through the rest of our lives as if on auto-pilot.

The ability to "learn to learn" is perhaps the most important that you should possess. Behind these simple phrase is a much deeper inner discipline that you need to develop. Learning to learn means having a fundamental understanding of a latticework of concepts which will allow you to build and refine your mental models of the world around. It means having an openness which does not hesitate to question (or be questioned) on what one knows. It means looking around and thinking about what is happening, and placing the event in perspective.
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