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Connecting Rural India

6/16/2005 07:32:00 AM, posted by anand

NYTimes reports that an international consortium of companies plans along with the World bank is planning to establish thousands of rural Internet centers to bring government, banking and education services to isolated villages.

The goal is to serve rural villages with populations of more than 5,000. Ultimately the plan calls for centers or kiosks in 5,000 villages in the state of Karnataka; Bangalore, the Indian high-technology center, is the capital of Karnataka.

The project, subsidized by the state government, will include money to train residents in computer skills. It comes after some disappointing results of earlier efforts to bridge the digital divide, which separates the Internet-connected world from less-developed areas.

The centers, connected to the Internet by either land lines or satellite links, are each to consist of 5 to 10 inexpensive "thin clients," simple computer displays that are more rugged and less expensive than personal computers.

This might be an example of tapping the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid ~ emerging markets. Also, if a public / private partnership can be established, it ends up helping both. The bank gets new customers and the villagers wont have to travel many miles just to conduct basic banking transactions.
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