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Google's patent and its analysis

5/01/2005 11:03:00 PM, posted by anand

Google filed a patent last month for: "A system identifies a document and obtains one or more types of history data associated with the document. The system may generate a score for the document based, at least in part, on the one or more types of history data."

Check out its review and analysis here, here and here.

Some of the interesting things that Google wants to measure or is attempting to actively measure are:
  • Registration date of the domain, Length of renewal (10 years, 5 years, 1 year, etc), Address of Name Servers.
  • Information on User Behavior Online, CTR (Click-Through Rate) of individual results in the SERPs (Search engine result positioning)
  • Favorites/Bookmarks List, Cache & Temp Files, Frequency of visits to particular sites/pages (history)
Having an insight on how the Google search engine works can provide a good idea of how to have your site appear on the top of the search results.
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