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Tabbed IM

4/26/2005 03:40:00 PM, posted by anand

Now that Firefox has popularized the concept of tabbed browsing, I wonder why havent the various Instant Messaging (IM) clients adapted this concept.

If Yahoo Messenger just adds a tab to an existing chat window for every conversation I am having with someone, then it would reduce the clutter on my Windows taskbar. If someone just initiated a conversation with me, open up a new tab in the existing chat window. They could do a tooltip balloon thingy to indicate who just typed in a message on the other end.

Like the idea... what do you say?
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4/29/2005 9:38 AM, comment by Blogger Manish

Simply fabulous! Good thinking!    

4/30/2005 8:17 PM, comment by Blogger Manjusha

I hope Yahoo is listening. A whole bunch of chat windows popping up or blinking at me can be bugging!!    

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