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Treo 600

3/03/2005 10:49:00 PM, posted by anand

I've switched over to Cingular and got a brand new shiny Treo 600 to show around. I admit I came late to the smart phone party, but hey atleast I made it. I got a hell of a deal from Cingular (actually the ex-AT&T Wirless store in San Mateo). They gave me this Treo for $100 only. Just a 1 year contract. These sell for over $250 in other places. Also got another Motorola V551 for my wife for free. Woohoo!

I played around with it a little bit. Added my address book from the aging Samsung A500 into this one and found that the mobile world has come a far way along.I suspect that the camera doesnt work in all its glory because its night right now. Will try it out in the morning. The treo came with holder but it doesnt have a belt clip, so not much of use to me. Will have to scout the Cingular store to see what other options they have with this. One more thing. This thing doesnt have bluetooth. So will have stay with that wire headset thingy going all the way from my ear to my pocket.

Oh btw, my number is the same, thanks to LNP (local number portability). If you too want a treo like this (dont worry about the contracts, this guy in the San Mateo store takes care of them. you dont sweat a dime), send me an email.
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3/05/2005 7:54 AM, comment by Blogger Prasad Dixit-Hardikar

By the case on amazon its cheaper. Dont buy the regular which has a screeen cover also, buy a hozizontal belt clip case    

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