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Craigslist to beam postings to outer space

3/01/2005 11:22:00 PM, posted by anand

Check out their press release here.

But seriously, after reading their press release, my eyes started rolling. No not because they are going to beam ads to outerspace, but at the stats of the site:
  • 5 million earthly postings each month
  • 8 million users
  • serving 99 cities in 19 countries
  • 2 billion/month page views expected in March
All the postings are free. Yes FREE, except for job postings in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

craigslist.org has no banners, no popup's, no floaters, no crappy javascript, no cool dhtml hacks like google maps, no flash. They have pretty much the same interface they had 5 years ago, except now they have more cities, more categories and they recently added the option of hosting pictures for a posting.

craigslist.org is profitable. Isnt that a great feat. Not having any crappiness, and still having the bottomline happiness (think $$$). How many sites/companies do you know who can have this balance?

If you are thinking about launching a new site (ecommerce or some other latest greatest fad), just think for a moment about how craigslist does it. It has survived the dot com bust and boom. They didnt let greed kick in. They stuck to their basic tenets of clean simple design, consistent user experience, community embracing grass roots style functioning.
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