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Google images now showing up with some search results

2/07/2005 09:18:00 PM, posted by anand

Google has now started showing images (from its image search) alongside the regular searches. They claim that the Google Image Search is now worth 1 trillion, 187 billion, 63 million words. So, you search for terms like Mount St. Helens, it would also show images on the top of your results page.

The 1 trillion, 187 billion, 63 million dollar question is: Would people be put off by this clutter? On its results page Google already shows sponsored links, product links (from froogle) and now also images. Google was/is considered to be the ideal combination of simplicity (as in UI), relevancy (search results) and speed (response times better than my local hard disk search). The moment Google screws this combination, its going to go the Netscape way - eaten into oblivion by vultures at Redmond.

Wouldnt I go to the image search page only and only if I am looking for images? Are they promoting their other lesser known areas of their site?
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