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Timesofindia.com - no response

1/27/2005 07:32:00 PM, posted by anand

Per my previous rant about Timesofinda.com, I havent heard back from them yet. They probably dont give a flying horse's ass about my rants.

This stupid user doesnt like our ads, they might've wondered. Look how colorful and innovative they are. Our ads are so helpful. They help you to find life partners, get a free phonecard, fly Delhi to Mumbai for just Rs. 3220, buy a new calling plan from Verizon and even help you to send money via Western Union. We try and recreate the magic of crowded bazaars through our website. Look how crowded it is. We slap advertisements on every nook and corner, just like paper posters that crowd the shabby walls everywhere in India. Feeling nostalgic huh?. We want to create a fulfilling experience for you. Want more?

The only way it seems to make them notice, is to keep sending them emails and create a grassroots style campaign to complain (and bitch) about their site. Here is the page that lists the various email addresses within timesofindia.com. If possible, do write to them and tell them how exactly you feel and what kind of impression the TOI site left on you.
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2/02/2005 12:34 PM, comment by Blogger Manjusha

ToI - Customer Service: 0/10

Are you listening ToI??    

2/02/2005 12:45 PM, comment by Blogger Anand

Ever since I published these entries on the Timesofindia.com website, I have got so many hits on the site (mostly from people searching stuff about timesofindia on google/yahoo and ending up here).    

5/11/2005 12:26 PM, comment by Anonymous Anonymous

The Times Of India has now become a tryout place for stupid, outmoded crap. I doubt if any of the overpaid complacent management tossers ever look to see what they have done to a once great newspaper.The website is unreadable. I loved my time in Bangalore, and hoped to keep in touch with a vibrant city. Some chance.    

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