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Finding great people

1/03/2005 01:59:00 AM, posted by anand

A post by David Cornik on on VentureBlog

I believe that the job of a good Venture Capitalist is to find great people with great ideas. After all, VCs don't build companies -- entrepreneurs do. We just provide the capital to make it possible for entrepreneurs to bring their vision to reality.

Investing behind great people is a far sounder strategy than investing behind great ideas. Great ideas are an important part of any startup. But they are merely a byproduct of great people. If a team comes to you with some great ideas that can be applied to solving a known problem (be it in RF or price optimization or consumer electronics or lithography), the exciting thing is that you have met a team of people who can come up with great solutions to problems, not that they have come up with the great solution to a particular problem.
This is so very true. Its extremely difficult to find great people. Great people can come up with great ideas, no matter what puzzle they are trying to put together in place. Also, it is said if you hire A grade guys then they in turn will hire some more A grade people. This ensures that everyone in our team is top-notch, A grade.
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