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India trip

11/28/2004 11:53:00 PM, posted by anand

As I type out this blog entry from a cyber-cafe in South Korea's Incheon airport, I got some time to reflect upon my India trip. This was my second trip in an year. The earlier trip didnt give me a chance to 'experience' Ahmedabad/India due to some family reasons. But, dring this trip, I got some opportunities to meet with different people, experience the optimism and the exhuberence the country as a whole, got to learn various viewpoints from different people whom I got in touch with.

Here are a few things that I experienced during my trip:
- Delhi International airport (this counts because I usually land at the Mumbai airport)
- The impressive Jet airways lounge at the Delhi airport.
- Meeting with Rajesh Jain, Atanu Dey and Veer Bothra.
- Travelling to Mumbai via a low cost air-carrier for the above mentioned meeting
- The 40 minute taxi ride from Mumbai airport to Rajesh's office. I got to see the not so affluent parts of the city.
- Evaluating options for purchase of a car. Visiting various showrooms, meeting salespersons etc. Also, evaluating options for a pre-owned car.
- Visiting a TATA group owned/operated multi-floor super store that sells vegetables, clothes, shoes( I bought a pair), bakery items, packaged foods, electrical appliances, FMCG etc. Most of the marked prices were cheaper than compared to the old city wholesale trader prices.
- Passing glance at the innards of a mall in Ahmedabad
- Mind bloggling commercial real estate boom in Ahmedabad. ALL of the construction was for upcoming malls.
- South Korea's Incheon Airport. This time my halt was for a good 5 hours, instead of the usual 2 hours.
- People lapping up latest/greatest primarily on loans. EVERYONE I met, had a cellphone.
- Met Dr. Prannoy Roy of the NDTV fame at the Delhi airport.
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