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Announcing FooBar Search Alerts alpha release

9/06/2004 01:42:00 PM, posted by anand

You can use FooBar Search Alerts to look for certain keywords on a particular webpage. Lets say you are looking for a used car on craigslist.org. One option would be to manually check out the listings daily to find your dream car, or you could simply create a search alert. All you have to do is

1. Enter the URL of the page that you intend to monitor.
2. Enter the keywords that you want to look for
3. Enter the email address on which you would like to receive your alerts.

The search alert service will constantly monitor that page for your keywords. The moment a match is found, you will be instantly notified on the email address that you provided. Click here to create your first alert. It is a free service for your personal non-commercial use.
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