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Notification Project Update

8/21/2004 04:44:00 PM, posted by anand

The sourcing module can now be declared as complete. There might be a few bugs here and there, but its fully funtional now. Added throttling mechanism to limit the number of outbound http connections. Changed the build script so that it automatically increments and puts in the build number and the build date on the home page of the FooBar Search app.

Each module of the app is a sub-application with its own lifecycle and can be started and stopped independently of the others. Data is passed around between the sub-apps via the use of queues (no fancy JMS or MQ, just simple link-list implemented as a queue). The use of queue in an application makes it loosely coupled and asynchronous. Also, the queue mechanism can easily be extended to work over HTTP or sockets across the servers or JVMs. This ensures that the sub-apps can be distributed across multiple servers to balance out the load.

Now comes the fun part, as I implement the searching mechanism in the application. Stay tuned.
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