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An Idea

8/31/2004 01:19:00 PM, posted by anand

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? Some problem that you had been pondering over for quite some time to find a solution for and suddenly out of nowhere pops a killer idea. A solution that would make you proud of yourself? Next time when you look in the mirror, you see a smarter you? One that makes you pat on your back (ok, dont get too carried away....)

Well, it happened to me last night. Was pondering over one of the comparators that I have to write for the notification project. Didnt know how would I really tackle the problem and all of a sudden I got this fantastic idea. Dont hold your breath, I am not (yes, thats a nada) revealing the idea yet. Let me first implement it and then will write a short note on what I was trying to solve and how I solved it. Briefly put, its just the problem of comparing two snapshots of the same webpage to find out the differences.

Next time you experience an epiphany, hold onto it. It might very well turn out to be the next big thing. Somehow I am sensing some positive vibes in the air.
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