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Ebay acquires stake in craigslist

8/13/2004 01:36:00 PM, posted by anand

Ebay has acquired a 25% stake in cragslist though the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Ebay is a public company and just like any of the public companies out there, one of its goals is maximizing shareholder value. They just invested some money in craigslist and to maximize their ROI they might be required to leverage the site. Uptil now, craigslist was a clean place (I mean, no banners, no ads, no popups, no other crap) to swap/barter/sell/purchase your stuff. It didnt even require a login or registration etc. I am sceptical of how would ebay want it to work moving forward. Some of the questions that linger in my mind are:
- Would craigslist now require registration and login?
- Would craigslist have popups, banners, paid listings?
- Would craigslist now charge for posting and also make commission when a deal goes through ?

I dont blame craig newmark (founder of craigslist). He seems to be a good person (atleast thats the impression I get by reading his blogs). Time will tell how will craigslist evolve in the future.
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