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Notification - user registration

7/16/2004 09:08:00 AM, posted by anand

Have started work on the user registration functionality. Hardly get time to work on it, but still inching my way towards completing it first, before taking up other more interesting parts of the project.

So basically, there is no concept of a username or password. You "register" with the system by entering your email address via the web interface. This email address is verified by sending out an thank-you email with a confirmation link to the users inbox. Once the user opens his/her email and clicks on the link, the system receives an HTTP request and accepts the user's entry into the system. If we dont hear back (as in user doesnt click on the link) for more than 3 days, then hasta-la-vista to the user's entry. btw, there is an option to cancel your search, but no option to change your email.
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