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Yahoo relaunches email with more space + Privacy concerns

6/15/2004 09:15:00 AM, posted by anand

Yahoo just relaunched their email service with 100 MB of space for each mailbox. I just logged into my account and saw that apart from the new neat interface, it also has a ad banner as well as some text ads on the left nav bar. So, I dont understand all the hoopla over privacy concerns regarding Gmail. Yes, gmail does scan your messages to show you the most relevant ads.. but so does yahoo. They also scan emails. They might do it for pushing context sensitive ads or even for virus or spam. But, the point is that no mail server can do without scanning incoming emails. Even our mail server at www.ypjain.com does check for spam and virus by automatically scanning any incoming email. Any privacy voilated? Zilch, nada, nil, none, negative.
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