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The New MSN Hotmail is Here!!!!

6/16/2004 11:19:00 AM, posted by anand

UPDATE: Sorry guys, false alarm. It seems that I was the only guy who received the update from hotmail. Someone in redmond must've decided to give me an update without me asking for it.

So, a day after yahoo relaunched their email service with 100 MB space, hotmail also expanded their offering to 25 MB. Just logged into my hotmail account and saw the space bumped up. The thing that I noticed is that MSN/Hotmail didnt make a big splash about it. Its actually a good thing for the users. Gmail started this trend by coming up with 1 GB (yes! gigabyte) worth of space. Then yahoo joined the party with their own 100 MB version and now the latest to join in bill gates & co (aka MSN Hotmail). Lets see what other changes does Gmail stimulate to the email service. Also the thing to note is that Google's gmail is being closely observed by the established players like MSN and Yahoo.
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