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5/12/2004 12:11:00 AM, posted by anand

Tonight, we saw the 'Black Beauty' movie. I do remember reading the story during my school days. It was a beautiful adaptation of the story. I liked the direction and the way the movie was laid out. The hero of the movie was the horse and he was doing the voice over narration as the story unfolded in the movie. Had this been a Hindi movie, there would definitely have been some baddies and a protagonist whose life would be saved by the horse and stuff like that. Why cant the people in Bollywood come up something more creative than the same song-dance and dhishum-dhishum stuff?

Not that Bollywood doesn't make good movies. But just the percentage of junk coming out is ridiculous. It is so cliché. Out of 350 of so movies every year, just 10% is sensible stuff. The remainder is namak-mirch-masala that can be avoided, unless prescribed by your family doctor :)

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