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Memorial day weekend activities

5/30/2004 10:47:00 PM, posted by anand

Went to the Seattle Aquarium along with Manishbhai and family (Uncle, Aunty, Bhabhi and Chotu.. besides Lata and myself). I have previously visited the aquarium in San Francisco as well, but nothing like the one in Seattle. There is so much variety of sea animals and plants. Uncle (Manishbhai's Dad) is a walking encyclopedia about the marine life. We learned a lot about the sea life from him.

We visited the Tiger Mountain State Forest, located in the city of Issaquah, just around 15 miles from Redmond. We took a beginner-level hike to the Tradition Lake. It was a looping trail of 1.5 miles. Again having uncle with us gave us so much knowledge of the variety of various trees and bushes found along the trail. The way he described the functioning of nature was so fascinating. It humbles me. I've posted a few snaps that we took there in the photos section of the site. Overall a very good experience. We should do these kind of small hikes in vicinity more often.

Monday: (Update)
Had the baby on Monday. Yes.... its true and totally unexpected and faasst. Lata experienced labor pain on Monday morning (12.30 am to be precise). After a long and gruelling labor, we finally got to see Ashna. She was born on May 31st, 2004 at 6.16 pm. Check out her snaps here. Also check out her blog. Way to go ... sweetie pie.
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