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4/09/2004 03:08:00 PM, posted by anand

What on earth is TPTech

Some of you (I am assuming atleast there is someone else who looks that these postings other than just me) might be wondering what does the term "tptech" mean. Well, tptech stands for Time Pass Technology. Its a technology invented by the horrified souls who would just not get time to do Time Pass. Its pretty much like the art of doing nothing, but there is much more to it than that.

Time Pass is both an art and a science. Now the proportion of art and science is debatable, but it *does* involve both of them. For example, how many mortals can actually perform surfing craigslist, timeofindia, sfgate, cnn, gigaom, cbs.marketwatch, pricewatch, chatting on yahoo im and googling all at the very same time. I told ya, its pretty artsy and scientific at the same time.

Like right now, I am doing some tptech by explaining the very meaning of tptech. What would you call it recursive ? maybe! It's not just restricted to just computer folks. Even sleeping at home during daytime can be called as a part of tptech. Yeah, its that simple.

So anyone who is overworked (I mean real overworked), can do tptech even while sitting at your own cubicle. Just take a deap breath, close your eyes, turn up the music in your headphones and sleep. When awoken by your boss, tell him/her you were contemplating the impact of cross functional design on the product.

I'll add more examples of tptech from your feedback. You can send it my way on anand@ypjain.com

Happy TPTeching.
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